House Concerts

All-original music performed for your family and friends within the comfort of your living room or back porch now available within Boulder County, CO.

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Music Library

14 great albums and counting (10 posted here). Explore a world of heart-felt music and engaging lyrics. Home grown, unique, and professionally produced.

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The Silent Boys

But wait, there's more. . .Follow this link for the jangly indie-pop sound of The Silent Boys, featuring JA on lead guitar.

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Americana Meets Indie-pop

"His playing with The Silent Boys and again on his solo albums, compares well with The Smiths (Johnny Marr) primarily, as well as the fifth LP Echo & the Bunnymen (Will Sergeant), the Chills (Martin Phillipps). This is slighly lighter fare than The Silent Boys, with a softness in self-production that sounds like Everything But the Girl, and an occasional harmonica on top of a Peter Hook bassline that's New Order-esque. But this is really a resonant guitar primer, as he tugs and coaxes dreamy little leads with his deft pick throughout, as if he really does his singing through his axe. Nice like a light spring breeze."

-- Jack Rabid, publisher of The Big TakeOver


The Band

Who is this band? John has had the honor and privilege of working with many very talented musicians who have offered their services and inspirations in the production of the John Andrew albums and performances. With great appreciation, this includes:

  • Joe Netzel: Drums
  • Rob Ostrander: Bass
  • Patty Casey: Vocals, Flute
  • Lane Gibson: Mastering, Vocals
  • John Morand: Drums
  • Eirikur Baldursson: Cello
  • John Wright: Mellotron
  • Garth Orr: Drums
  • Brian Simmons: Drums
  • Micheal Stephens: Pedal Steel
  • Paul Asbell: Guitar
  • Stuart Paton: Conga
  • Patrick Wright: Jazz Guitar
  • John Guidry: Bass
  • Brian Pritchard: Singing Bowls
  • Toby Silas: Saxophone
  • Mike Lucas: Saxophone, Vocals
  • Graham Orr: Vocals
  • Maitreya Suchocki: Harp, Vocals
  • Charlotte Brodie: Fiddle

So you see, the "band" in JohnAndrewBand is a floating concept, but from this has come a wonderful spectrum of influences. Equally important are the influences of his band mates and life long friends from the Silent Boys: Wallace Dietz, Bruce Smith, John Morand, and Michael Click. And while on the subject of gratitude, most special thanks are due to John's wife Tracy and their super children: Ian, Evan, and Maitreya. And a big shout out to his fans. Thank you for your support.

Next Steps...

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for John's music with others and for your support. Albums are available through CD Baby and select songs through Spotify as well as through this official John Andrew Band website where you'll find numerous free downloads. John can be contacted through John@ConceptualChemistry.com. Good chemistry!